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Distinguished Alumni

Our next Distinguished Alumni event is scheduled for April, 2022. Make plans to join us as we recognize the next class of SHS Distinguished Alumni at a luncheon on TBD date. The luncheon is in partnership with the Strongsville Chamber of Commerce.

Want to nominate a deserving individual to be recognized as a member of the SHS Distinguished Alumni?

Nomination forms to be printed, filled out, and mailed (or emailed) may be found HERE

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Click HERE for an online nomination form


We congratulate and recognize past recipients in our SHS Distinguished Alumni program:

Class of 2019
Mr. Paul Sidoti (SHS Class of 1989)
Mrs. Jane (Yanacsek) Swiger (SHS Class of 1970)

Class of 2018
Dr. Steven Houser (SHS Class of 1985)
Mr. Thomas Laub (SHS Class of 1964) 
Chef Jonathon Sawyer (SHS Class of 1998)

Class of 2008
Dr. Tim Rademaker (SHS Class of 1965)
Raymond J. Wohl (SHS Class of 1969)

Class of 2007
Dr. Frank J. Kuntz (SHS Class of 1956)
Mr. Ken Mehalko (Music Director)
Mr. Richard A. Puzzitello, Jr. (SHS Class of 1980)
Dr. David Sharkey (SHS Class of 1969)

Class of 2004
Mr. Rea Cantwell (Teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal)
Mr. David Harbart (SHS Class of 1980)
Mr. Robert Kroupa (SHS Class of 1976)
Mrs. Rochelle Thuener (SHS Class of 1968)

Class of 2003
Mrs. Lois Hunger Alexander (SHS Class of 1957)
Mr. John M. Bedford (SHS Class of 1970)
Mr. Louis Morton Bedford (Elementary Teacher)
Mrs. Kathleen Aylsworth Brantigan (SHS Class of 1965)
Mr. Mark Cummins (SHS Class of 1983)

Class of 2002
Mr. David G. Hale (SHS Class of 1975)
Mr. Michael W. Herb (SHS Class of 1970)
Mr. John W. Joy (SHS Class of 1941)
Mrs. Louise E. Sanderson (SHS Class of 1920)

Class of 2001
Mrs. Diane Bennett (Teacher of Business Education 1968-2000)
Mr. William J. Harr, Jr. (SHS Class of 1980)
Mrs. Carole L. Maatz (SHS Class of 1943)
Mr. John G. Peters (SHS Class of 1963)
Mrs. Marsha A. Van Valkenburg (Teacher of English & Biology 1983-1998)

Class of 2000
Mr. Walter F. Ehrnfelt (SHS Class of 1951)
Mrs. Margaret Raub Hunt (Mathematics Teacher 1978-1995)
Mr. James H. Jerome (SHS Class of 1949)
Mrs. Carol Petersen (English Teacher 1959-1990)
Mrs. Dorothy Fuller Richards (SHS Class of 1932)

Class of 1999
Mr. James K. Bowman (SHS Class of 1951)
Mrs. Karen M. Fandrich (SHS Class of 1983)
Mr. Thomas A. Hoch (SHS Class of 1966)
Mr. Daniel M. Varisco (SHS Class of 1969)

Class of 1998
Mr. Lewis A. Lenkaitis (SHS Class of 1936)
Mr. Eugene P. Morton (SHS Class of 1939)
Reverend Dennis O'Grady (SHS Class of 1951)
Mr. James E. Rademaker (Teacher & Coach 1947-1978)
Mrs. Patricia Miller Shorner (SHS Class of 1973)

Class of 1997
Mr. Dale R. Finley (SHS Class of 1953)
Mrs. Florence May (SHS Class of 1935)
Mr. Walter D. Skoczen (Science Teacher 1967-1990)
Dr. J. Patrick Spirnak, M.D. (SHS Class of 1969)

Class of 1996
Dr. Holly Perzy-Gall (SHS Class of 1981)
Mr. Dick Miller (Teacher & Coach 1954-1985)
Dr. Thomas Surrarrer (SHS Class of 1924)
Dr. Martin Taliak (SHS Class of 1922)

Class of 1995
Mr. Russell R. Gifford (SHS Class of 1957)
Mrs. Bessie Kinsner (Math Teacher 1947-1974)