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Diversity Council


The mission of the Strongsville City Schools Diversity Council is to create a safe environment where students are accepted, heard, and valued while feeling empowered to develop the knowledge and skills to learn, understand, and appreciate the different perspectives and individual experiences.

Council Meetings & Membership

All parents, staff, community members and middle / high school students will be invited to take part in our Diversity Council on an annual basis. The opportunity to become a member of the Diversity Council will be communicated in the Spring of each calendar year.  The Council typically meets in person on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:00 PM on a quarterly basis to discuss topics impacting our District.  In support of the SCS Diversity Council mission, the Council works collaboratively to oversee and implement the Student Experience Strategic Plan.  

This SCS Diversity Council IS:

●     A space to listen and learn from each other’s lived experiences within SCS.
●     A collaborative dialogue focused on identifying past successes, areas of growth, and a shared vision for the future.
●     An opportunity to come together as a community to set collective goals, engage in solutions-oriented action planning, and enact
        positive change in our district

This SCS Diversity Council IS NOT:

●     A forum to argue, debate, demean, or put-down the ideas and experiences of others.
●     A one-time community conversation, as this work is an on-going commitment to long-term growth in the areas of diversity, equity,
        inclusion in our district.