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Strategic Planning Process

Click HERE for our Student Experience Strategic Plan


Appreciative Inquiry

The Appreciative Inquiry process was developed by Dr. David Cooperrider and his team at Case Western Reserve University and is the guiding framework being used to develop our strategic plan. Please see the process outlined in the graphic below. You can learn more about the Appreciative Inquiry process here.  Throughout the 2021-22 school year, we have worked to understand the needs and experiences of students, parents, educators/administrators and the community in relation to diversity, equity, and inclusion to develop a shared vision for DEI within the district, and create a strategic plan.

Appreciative Inquiry Overview

Define Stage

Completed in December 2021.  This stage allowed the Diversity Council to create an affirmative topic. The purpose of an affirmative topic is to define the scope of the appreciative inquiry process; to focus and guide the work.  The SCS affirmative topic is listed below.

Strongsville City Schools strives to ensure that all students reach their fullest potential.  Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are keys to that mission. The Strongsville City School Diversity Council works to create a safe environment where students are accepted, heard, and valued while feeling empowered to develop the knowledge and skills to learn, understand, and appreciate different perspectives and individual experiences.

Discovery Stage

Completed in January 2022. This stage allowed the Diversity Council to engage in an appreciative conversation to identify what is currently going well in Strongsville City Schools and appreciate the strengths the district already has in place. The purpose of this stage is to appreciate, remember, and uncover the best of what the district is already doing in relation to DEI.

Dream Stage

Completed in February - March 2022.  All stakeholder groups engaged in a visioning process for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the district. The purpose was to imagine ‘what could be’ in relation to DEI within the district.   During this stage, Diversity Council members had the chance to share their wishes, hopes, and aspirations for the future.  This included the identification of dreams or visions for the future of the school in relation to DEI.  You can click here to access the Council's agreed upon vision statements. 

Design Stage

Completed in February 2023. The Diversity Council planned ‘what will be’ and focused on innovation. At the beginning of this stage, the group took a look at an organizational design model and identified the stakeholders areas of influence and agency in the district. The purpose of the beginning of this stage was to begin to create goals aligned to the developed vision statements.