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“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”
- Malala Yousaafzai

Feeling empowered means taking ownership of one’s learning path. When students have options of how to engage in the learning
process and they know what tools work for them, they are more apt to not only remember the content, but apply it to meaningful
experiences. By providing choice and voice, we make learning accessible to all students.

As a district, we recognize that our students need the skills necessary to set and direct their own course to learn what is needed to achieve their goals. By having the ability to make positive choices and a voice in how to achieve outcomes, students will be better prepared for any future endeavor they want to achieve.

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What are the EMPOWERED skills we want our students to learn and develop?

Develops a Learning Pathway - Students have clear expectations for learning, using the options provided to allow them a starting point and a path towards mastery.

Analyzes Problems and Outcomes - Students embrace the benefits of the learning process taking the time to pause and not rush through their work.

Seeks Out Answers - Students remain curious about their learning and are not hesitant to ask questions to help them move forward in their learning.

Acts Responsibly - Students think and act in a way that allows them to stay on track and reach the outcome they have set for themselves.

Reflects on Learning Experiences - Students use feedback to reflect on their progress, revise their work, and/or recognize when they have reached their goal to determine when it is time to move to the next objective.

Empowered Skills We Are Building at SCS

What 'EMPOWERED' Looks Like at SCS