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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
- Margaret Mead

Being global means having a willingness to learn about and understand a variety of cultures, perspectives, and experiences that may be different from our own. If we want our students to become productive global citizens who make positive contributions to society, it is imperative they remain open-minded, empathetic, and respect each others’ differences. Students need to be aware of how both local and global issues impact our local community and how their actions can impact those around them.

As a district, we recognize that our students need the skills necessary to be global citizens for the rest of their lives. These skills will be crucial for our students to learn as they prepare for actively engaging with others in the diverse world. Students that embrace diversity and positively influence their community by celebrating and appreciating differences will be an asset to the 21st
century workforce.

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What are the GLOBAL skills we want all of our students to learn and develop?

Seeks Cultural Understanding - Students are inquisitive and learn about the world around them by reaching out to those who may not be like them.

Embraces Diversity - Students learn about the world around them, engaging in an open dialogue and demonstrating a mutual respect toward the viewpoints and opinions of others.

Acts with Empathy and Compassion - Students put forth an effort to get to know and appreciate others, regardless of differences, showing empathy for behavior and experiences that may be different than their own.

Resolves Conflict Peacefully - Students balance different perspectives, personalities, or behaviors using positive, proactive practices that build self-esteem, connectedness, and appreciation for others.

Demonstrates Service to Both Local and Larger Community - Students understand their connection to a larger community and are afforded opportunities to engage with others to problem solve authentic issues in an effort to devise workable solutions.

Global Skills We are Building at SCS

What 'GLOBAL' Looks Like at SCS