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“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity - not a threat.”
- Steve Jobs

Innovation is the ability to generate and execute new ideas. Whether these ideas are incremental, evolutionary, or revolutionary, it all starts with creativity. Our students will be more innovative when they create new and worthwhile ideas, evaluate them, and understand the limitations presented when adopting a new way or path. It is essential that students are provided time to develop their capacity to be creative, experiment, synthesize information, and implement data-informed decision-making utilizing authentic challenges.

As a district, we recognize that our students need the skills necessary to be innovative as they explore their future endeavors. Having a creative mind to tackle authentic problems is essential to moving ideas forward and devising solutions that result in forward progress. Students who are able to look at something from a different perspective and use various tools to solve a problem will undoubtedly be prepared to compete in a global market.

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What are the INNOVATIVE skills we want all of our students to learn and develop?

Identifies and Evaluates Authentic Problems - Students actively identify authentic problems that they want to solve through active learning and experimentation.

Learns from Experimentation - Students move past relying on experience or what they have always done to create new ways of going about something to reach the end result.

Thinks Flexibly - Students apply strategies to think differently based on all the information in front of them and possibly go toward what peaks their interest.

Sees Uncertainties as Opportunities - Students see uncertainty and ambiguity as opportunities to explore and a cause for excitement resulting in increased engagement.

Pursues Imaginative and Creative Solutions - Students implement a variety of methods and tools to generate creative and original products that apply to solving an authentic issue.

Innovative Skills We Are Building at SCS

What 'Innovative' Looks Like at SCS