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“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”
- Nelson Mandela

Resiliency requires a focus on emotions resulting in desired behaviors. These behaviors are learned over time and may be referred to as executive functions. Our students will be resilient when they are able to self-regulate, which is the process that enables us to plan, initiate, and complete an activity while regulating emotion, maintaining attention, and responding to feedback, and self-reflecting. Through these behaviors students are more equipped to evaluate their performance and learn from their experiences. Reflecting on successful outcomes promotes self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment, which produces motivated and engaged students.

As a district, we recognize that our students need the skills necessary to be resilient in the face of the adversity that comes with doing something for the first time, stepping out of a comfort zone, or knowing that events will happen to us that often are out of
our control. Having the skills to persevere and overcome challenges will be critical for our students as they set out to achieve their goals and aspirations no matter their path after graduation. Students who demonstrate resilience will be prepared to deal with setbacks and will persevere to try again to reach their desired outcome.

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What are the RESILIENT skills we want all of our students to learn and develop?

Overcomes Personal / Academic Barriers to Achieve Goals - Students understand who they are and what they need to be successful not only within the classroom, but for their future.

Persists to Accomplish Difficult Tasks - Students engaging in the process of goal setting and utilizing the necessary tools to accurately assess their progress, make adjustments and continue their learning toward meeting the expectations.

Learns from Mistakes and Failures - Students see mistakes as opportunities for growth and use what they have learned to create a better outcome.

Implements a Plan - Students determine what needs to be accomplished and design a plan of action to stay on track.

Responds in a Disciplined Way - Students recognize that events will happen, yet strive to be their best by implementing a response that results in growth and progress of both academic content and behavioral skills.

Resilient Skills We Are Building At SCS

What 'RESILIENT' Looks Like at SCS